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Men’s Cursillo # 109

Back Row: Gus Roldon, Arthur Drago, John McFarland, Oscar Padilla, DK Knox, Mario Prado

Middle Row: Pablo Rivera, Jose Clark, Frank Boet, Carlos Benitez, Jose Rojas,

Front Row: Bill Tuttle, Mark Fried, Deacon Bob Binder, Alex Blanco, Lou Confessore

NP: Fr. David Smith, Fr. Jesus “Jets” Medina, Deacon Marco Fernandez

Women’s Cursillo #86

ROW 1: Patrica Tierney, Claudia Charles, Mary Langer, Janet Dyrdal, Yanique Letang-Berrouett, Katya Sugranes, Fr. Dave Smith ROW 2: Harriett Confessore, Beverly Loftus, Leyla Padilla, Dec. Bob Binder, Clarinda Gill, Wanda Vazquez ROW 3: Stella Kessler,Laura Milone, Lucy del Valle-Noriega, Carmen Andrade, Marta Villasuso, Barbara Abdella, Theresa Schaefer Casa Roman Cursillo Retreat House Miami, Florida…

Cursillo Miami

Welcome to the Website of the Catholic Cursillo Movement in the Archdiocese of Miami, Florida, USA.
We greet you as friends on the mutual journey home to the Father God using the words of our patron saint, the Apostle Paul, to the Romans, “To all God’s beloved…who are called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Rom. 1:7.

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Women’s Three-Day Weekend September 6-9, 2018 at Casa de Cursillos

The Miami Cursillo Movement will host a Women’s Three-Day Weekend (English) from September 6-9, 2018.  For Applications, please click on the “More” tab above and download the form.  If you have any questions, please send us your contact information using the “Contact Us” form on this Website.

Men’s Three Day Weekend August 23-26, 2018 at Casa de Cursillos

Each winter and fall, a Cursillo 3-day weekend is held (separately for men and women) to introduce others to Cursillo and provide an experience to enable them to follow Jesus more faithfully and effectively. From Thursday evening until Sunday evening, lay people and clergy live and work together to gain a deep, permanent, living awareness…

Cursillo National Newsletters

Dear Friends in Christ,  The National Newsletter is available each month at: (English) (Spanish) (Vietnamese)

What is the Cursillo format?

The Cursillo weekend format consists of a series of spiritual talks and discussions, blending seriousness and lightheartedness. The weekend is a personal, lively and informative event with talks, discussions, singing, worship and fellowship. The talks are conducted by clergy and lay people. Although Cursillos are lay-directed and controlled, the clergy assist in this effort most…


I was already attending daily mass and praying the rosary daily when I lived my Cursillo Weekend but I realized during my weekend that I was not giving the importance, respect, reverence and devotion to the sacraments required from a practicing Catholic. I was not in grace due to these facts. Once I followed the sacraments, I fell deeply in love with the Lord. I noticed a real conversion internally once I started to give the sacraments my full attention. My life had never been so full of joy and peace. I have an immense love for my brothers and sisters- in-Christ whereever I meet them. I openly confess my love for God and His sacraments. Man’s salvation is Jesus and with the Church and His sacraments that He left behind to minister us into a holy life..

Mario Antonio Prado…English Cursillo #105…Miami, Fl