ULTREYA! – Friday June 26 – Come Join Us to Hear About Our “COME BACK TO MOVE FORWARD” Initiative

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June 12, 2020

A group of energized Cursillistas is making difference.  They have helped spark energy into the “School of Leaders” (now called the SuperGroup Reunion).  In an effort to revitalize our Movement, the group has undertaken a two-pronged approach: on the one hand we have undertaken to study the Foundational Charism of Cursillo Movement and and at the same time, we have undertaken an effort to re-engage all our Cursillistas, both recent and the not-so-recent and to make changes and updates (within the constraints of the Charism) that will help bring Cursillistas back to the Movement and motivate them to help us move ahead. Come back to move forward!

As part of this effort, the School of Leaders and Secretariat have begun to cleanup our mailing lists and to send regular emails to those on it.  We are also beginning an effort to match lists that have only telephone numbers with our email list.  (So if you get a call from a Miami Cursillo leader asking for your email address, that is why).  And, as part of this initiative, we have also undertaken a survey of the members whose emails we have.  The survey results will help guide our Leaders in this revitalization effort.

Come experience this new energy and learn about the preliminary survey results.  Nova Southeastern University Professor of Accounting and Statistics (and Cursillista Leader) Dr. John Sennetti will provide a dynamic presentation as to the survey: what we know so far and what we still want to know.  You will also hear an inspiring witness presentation from one of our newest Cursllista Leaders and will have an opportunity to share ideas and reflections.  And, to boot, you can do all this from the comfort of your own home as the meeting will be by Zoom Video-conference (free download).  For the meeting link, go to our online Calendar.  (You can download the details right to your own calendar from there).  We also will send an email reminder to those who are on our mail list.  If you are not already on our mailing list but want to be, please submit your Contact information using the Contact Us link at the bottom of this Website’s Home page and we will joyfully add you!

COME JOIN US IN MOVING FORWARD. (That is what Ultreya! means: “Onward!”).  So Bring a friend or two.  They need not have already lived their weekend to join us.

Come share the energy and excitement…




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